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Exit Polls for 2009 Assembly Elections
Andhra Pradesh
Schedule of 2009 Assembly Elections for states Andhra Pradesh,Orissa and Sikkim
Sl. No. Poll Event Andhra Pradesh Orissa Sikkim
Phase-1 Phase-2 Phase1 Phase-2 3C
1 Announcement & Issue of Press Note 02-Mar-2009 (Monday) 02-Mar-2009 (Monday) 02-Mar-2009 (Monday) 02-Mar-2009 (Monday) 02-Mar-2009 (Monday)
2 Issue of Notification 23-Mar-2009 (Monday) 28-Mar-2009 (Saturday) 23-Mar-2009 (Monday) 28-Mar-2009 (Saturday) 02-Apr-2009 (Thursday)
3 Last Date for filing Nominations 30-Mar-2009 (Monday) 04-Apr-2009 (Saturday) 30-Mar-2009 (Monday) 04-Apr-2009 (Saturday) 09-Apr-2009 (Thursday)
4 Scrutiny of Nominations 31-Mar-2009 (Tuesday) 06-Apr-2009 (Monday) 31-Mar-2009 (Tuesday) 06-Apr-2009 (Monday) 10-Apr-2009 (Friday)
5 Last date for withdrawal of Candidature 2-Apr-2009 (Thursday) 08-Apr-2009 (Wednesday) 2-Apr-2009 (Thursday) 08-Apr-2009 (Wednesday) 13-Apr-2009 (Monday)
6 Date of Poll 16-Apr-2009 (Thursday) 23-Apr-2009 (Thursday) 16-Apr-2009 (Thursday) 23-Apr-2009 (Thursday) 30-April-2009 (Thursday)
7 Counting of Votes on 16-May-2009 (Saturday) 16-May-2009 (Saturday) 16-May-2009 (Saturday) 16-May-2009 (Saturday) 16-May-2009 (Saturday)
8 Date before which the election shall be Completed 28-May-2009 (Thursday) 28-May-2009 (Thursday) 28-May-2009 (Thursday) 28-May-2009 (Thursday) 23-May-2009 (Saturday)
Constituencies Polling on this Day 154 140 70 77 32
Public Speaks:

"When Tamil Nadu star politician Vijayakanth started the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam party, nobody gave him a chance. His DMDK party entered the election fray all alone when the two major parties, DMK and AIADMK were contesting the polls with many other smaller parties. He also fielded candidates in all 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu. Initially, he was ridiculed by many. Soon, much to the surprise of all the poll watchers, people thronged to his meetings in large numbers. Rural Tamil Nadu, especially the rural youth, find his manifesto appealing, and seem to believe that he will be able to keep his promises. Though earlier opinion polls did not give him many votes, he is now expected to get 10 to 15 per cent of votes, and could be the deciding factor in the May 8 election." - Gopinath, Effective Advertising.

"There should be an efficient public transport system in city. There are too many vehicles on the roads and this is leading to pollution and traffic problems. Effective public transport system should be put up so that people are encouraged to take public transport instead of using one vehicle each. And this also will ease our traffic problems. Delhi has a metro that runs over head and not on the ground. Paris has metro which is below the ground level, subway trains. All these systems are very popular. Our state should also have something like this. Only few roads in the city like the places like Banjara hills, Jubilee Hills and few other parts of the city are in good condition. Whereas if you go to the other parts of the city, the condition of the roads are really horrible. We need to address those issues. There should be comprehensive coordination among various government departments like telecommunications, electricity, municipality and others. None of them know what the other department is up to. Phone lines are laid by the department concerned, and then the drainage department comes and digs up these phone lines. There should be a proper coordination." - Ram, Full Service Ad Agencies, Hyderabad.

"Child labor is a serious issue that our political leaders should act upon. A graver issue is of kids begging at traffic signals. I hope these matters are taken up and the government ensures that these kids go to school which will help them to grow p to be good citizens." - Varun, Global Advertising.

"I feel the congress party is the best of the lot we have right now. The nuclear deal strategy that they have initiated is really good. They have also reduced taxes for working women. This is an excellent move. While the rest of the world is reeling under the effect of recession, the condition in our country is still safe. While economic super powers like America and Japan are suffering, with two people now working for one personís salary, our India still has plenty of employment opportunities. The present government in it rule, managed to keep country's economy strong and the opportunities for people alive. They have lined up to the expectations of the youth of India, by letting so many youngsters join their party. I have no grievance against this government. I just hope they keep up the good work, if re-elected." - Reddy, Graphic Design Agency.

"Andhra Pradesh came into the national limelight as a preferred destination for investments and new businesses around 10 years ago, under the rule of Telugu Desam government. Sadly, due to the recent scandals and scams that have plagued our economy, that reputation is now at risk. The next government must do everything it can to present the state as a clean, efficient, and business friendly destination once again. Balancing the needs to cities with the needs of the rural areas is required for or long term sustainability and that should continue. I feel that the future is bright for the state and the next government has a chance to rebuild our reputation as the place that ideal t do business in India." - Sridhar, Interactive Advertising Agency, Noida.

"Pawan Kalyan, who cries foul every time something was said against his fans, now needs a respite from them himself. He has allegedly sought protection from his large groups of fans who mob him every time he steps out for party work. The authorities meanwhile have reportedly put the matter on hold and said they will revert after the situation has been reviewed. Wonder what his fans have to say about this." - Market Research Agency.

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